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Halloween 2019 Live on The Breakfast Show with Ewen Cameron. The show covers the Whole of Scotland.

I've been a regular visitor to their studios over the years, and I sincerely thank them for all their support.

Jimmy Devlin Ghost Hunting Chillingham Castle History Mystery Steve Santini

Filmed in 2013 at Chillingham Castle, England.

The Show: Escape From, Starred Steve Santini and was aired at Halloween 2014, on the Travel / Discovery Channel Networks in the USA & Canada. 

Some of my Investigations at The National Mining Museum Scotland, have on occasion made the National and Worldwide Press.  Above is the Capture of a Victorian Washer Woman.

Below, in the same venue a Class A response, to an EVP Session with Panasonic RR-DR60 Voice Recorder.

Jimmy Devlin The Ghost Finder General EVP Ghost Hunting The National Mining Museum Scotland Edinburgh

Below are a couple of Images from 2017, where myself and Medium Jackie Drummond were filming with a Japanese Production company.  They were extremely courteous  throughout the whole days shoot. 

Paranormal Programming is extremely popular in the far east.

Below: Was another night of Ghost Hunting at Halloween 2017, filmed by Bauer Media for The Radio Clyde and Digital Networks over Scotland.

This time, my Vigil Virgin was Show Presenter, the one and only Gina Mckie at The National Mining Museum Scotland.

Jimmy Devlin Gina Mckie Ghost Hunting Paranormal Investigation Halloween The National Mining Museum Scotland Jackie Drummond
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